SoEd Reimagined – next steps

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Last month more than 70 of our SoEd staff and HDR students engaged in SoEd Reimagined, a series of conversations about the future of work, education and the SoEd.

Acknowledging that we are in the midst of considerable uncertainty and disruption, the sessions gave us opportunities to share our thoughts, ideas and hopes – from the practical to aspirational. There’s no doubt there will be challenges ahead. Through these it will be important for the us to have agency, steering the course, as much as we can, from the principles and values that matter to us, learning and adapting as we go.

In early July the 10 facilitators of the sessions came together to discuss the themes that emerged from these conversations. The spreadsheet below contains a list of the themes for each session. As you will see the conversations ranged widely, covering challenges, opportunities and priorities, with themes emerging around ways of working, learning and engagement, wellbeing, and our SoEd points of differentiation.In next steps we will set up opportunities to flesh out these key themes and engage our students in the process. We invite you to keep the conversation going as we continue our commitment to Shaping Education, Shaping the Future.

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