SoEd moves back in b.220

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Staff enjoying lunch together in Berrbang-bul (making connections) – our new staffroom.

Over the last couple of weeks, and just in time for the start of sem 1, staff at Bundoora have moved back into our new spaces.

Prior to the move we asked you what you were most looking forward to. Your hopes were many, but the most frequently occurring themes included:

  • Connecting more with each other
  • New teaching spaces
  • Belonging spaces for students
  • The opportunity for a new start

We also asked about areas of uncertainty. The strongest themes here were around storage, security and meeting with students. We’ll continue to work through these issues over the coming weeks. In the meantime if you haven’t yet moved your research data down to level 1, please make a time to tour the compactus and lockers. There is also still plenty of storage for teaching resources in the classrooms on level 1.

While there is much to celebrate in our new spaces I know that not everything is perfect and there are some aspects that are not quite what we expected. I do appreciate your patience and the considerable goodwill you have all already demonstrated.

Please join our next lunchtime conversation in Berrbang-bul (the staffroom) on Wednesday March 11 at 12:30-1:30 to keep talking about how we make the most of our new building.

The student belonging space looking into the learning spaces – Yan-djak Bik (Walking on Country) and Marrening Wilim (Story Place)
A glimpse of our mural by indigenous artist, Rob Young.

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