SoEd Communication Survey Results

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Thank you to all staff who responded to our recent survey on communication in the SoEd. The survey was distributed to our 92 fixed term and continuing staff and was open for one week. With 40 staff responses, we managed a response rate of 43%. The results are summarised below.

Rate the effectiveness of SoEd communication during this period of working remotely.
Ratings ranged from 5 to 2 (see graph below), with a mean score of 4.2, suggesting general satisfaction with current communication approaches.

Aspects of communication that are working well included:

  • Regular team meetings
  • Dean’s News – a reminder that you can receive daily and/or weekly notifications. If you are unsure how to set this up, contact Adam Boldiston
  • Emails
  • School meetings
  • Wednesday lunch

Gaps or aspects of communication that aren’t working

15 responses covered a number of valuable issues, including:

  • What is the SoEd Senior Leadership Group focused on?
  • We don’t always know what students have been told.
  • We need information about PX.
  • I feel that what needs to be added to communication is dialogue – opportunities for discussion.
  • Limiting number of meetings each day.
  • Clarity around casuals.

I appreciate hearing about these gaps and we’ll work on efficient ways to address these points over the coming weeks.

A couple of staff noted they wanted information about enrolments and retention. This information has been provided in school meetings. If teams would like a more detailed exploration of this data, please let me know.

Additional comments

16 staff left additional comments. These included:

  • several comments about feeling well supported
  • several requests for more information about job losses or reduced hours of work, changes across the university, and a timeline for campus opening
  • a request for work/life balance checkins and support
  • a request for PM meetings
  • missing seeing each other and looking forward to returning to campus

Again, we will look at these comments and respond where we are able and as information becomes available. I encourage you to continue to keep an eye on the University COVID Update page. It contains a new set of FAQs on transitioning back to campus.

Once again my thanks to all who responded to this survey. It has provided valuable suggestions for ways we can continue to strengthen our practices in the SoEd.

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