SoE Senior Leadership Group

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I have established a Senior Leadership Group to collaboratively lead the work required over the coming months as we develop recommendations about the future of the school.

The Senior Leadership Group consists of:

  • Academic Alignment project leads: Mandi Berry & Victoria Carullo
  • Accreditation project lead: Kathy Jordan
  • Research and HDR project lead: Peter Kelly
  • School Manager: Anna Rundell
  • Deputy Head, L&T: Peter Rushbrook

For the next five months this group will replace the School Executive as we work on the three major projects above and the recommendations from the 2015 School Organisational Review. We have also been working on a communications strategy to keep you informed and provide opportunities to contribute to and shape the work.

We will invite school staff and others from outside the school to inform our conversations over the coming months. If there are issues you want to bring to the attention of the Senior Leadership Group, please let Kate Lorkin, super-efficient secretary of the group, know.

At our meeting yesterday we decided to postpone the first all-school meeting scheduled for February 20 as many VE staff will not be able to attend due to teaching commitments. That appointment will be deleted from your diary. Our first opportunity to get together as a whole school will be in March at the School Planning Day. We will send an appointment shortly. If you have questions before then about the strategic direction of the school, decisions that I have made etc, please feel free to send them through and I’m happy to address them in a blog post.


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