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At the SoE Senior Leadership Group meeting last week we agreed to establish a Global Working Group.

We already have well-established global partnerships in China through our VCE and ECE programs and we run placement programs offshore in a number of locations, some with a long history. We have strong research connections around the world and Em is exploring ways to strengthen our international doctoral cohort. In addition our entrepreneurial staff often propose new partnership opportunities and I’m keen to consider ways we can support more student and staff exchanges.

It is timely for us to build a coordinated and strategic approach to our global initiatives.

The membership of the SoE Global Working Group will include:

  • Dean (Chair) – Andrea Chester
  • Associate Dean, R&I – Annette Gough (Acting)
  • Associate Dean, VE – Victoria Carullo
  • Academic Director, Professional Practice – Mel Nash
  • International Program Coordinator, ECE – Josephine Ng
  • RMIT International Partnership Manager – Jenny Collins

In addition we are calling for an HE staff representative. If you are interested in taking up this role, please let Ronnie know by February 21. The workload can be accommodated under the 10% allocated to professional/administrative activities in the AWAM.


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