SoE Global Working Group – first action

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The SoE Global Working Group held its first meeting yesterday. HE staff reps on the group are Jason and Naomi.

In order to plan our course for the future we need to have an accurate map of our current practices. As our first task we have therefore set up a template to collect information about current partnerships and activities. If you’ve been doing anything in the global space e.g., research partnerships, study tours, international placements, NCP, student exchanges, visiting scholars, teaching offshore, negotiating MOUs with universities, we want to hear!

Please add your information to the spreadsheet before March 16. Please note there are two tabs on the spreadsheet. The first tab lists the RMIT priority markets. Please enter any existing partnerships, no matter how nascent, under the relevant country. Just the university, school or institution name is all we need. The second tab is designed to capture details of our current global L&T and research activities under a number of headings. Again, high level dot points are all that is needed.

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