SoE City Town Hall meeting

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The City staff gathered yesterday at lunchtime for an update and a chance to share school news. As always it was good to get together. Yesterday was also a special celebration of the careers of Peter, Philip and Damian – an impressive 75 years of magnificent service between them! All three are pictured below holding their framed certificates with pride, listening to Victoria’s roll call of world events from the year these distinguished teachers began their careers at RMIT.

Screen Shot 2017-09-12 at 7.43.40 pm

My thanks again to all three for your wonderful service to the University and to the School.

After discussing Future ED and some of our plans for the future it was great to end with Melanie’s terrific keep cup initiative (thanks Melanie) and a choice of three different and delicious cakes! Thanks Victoria and the team for organising the get together.

Screen Shot 2017-09-12 at 7.34.56 pm.png

BTW, apologies to those confused by the “Town Hall” title – the meeting was not held in the Town Hall!  According to my dictionary a town hall meeting is “a meeting between managers and employees where developments … are discussed in a relaxed and informal atmosphere”. No mention of cake!

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