SoE CES highlights – sem 1, 2017

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Good news! We kicked off the year well, with positive course evaluations across the school and an uplift, compared to semester 1, 2016, of 7% for VE and 4% for HE. 96 of the 150 courses offered in semester 1 in the School of Education achieved OSI scores of 80 or higher.

Semester 2
As we head into semester 2 there is the opportunity for us to consolidate these good results. GTS and OSI for VE SoE in semester 2 last year led the College, but were both trending down. HE GTS and OSI were both the lowest in the College. Let’s lift these.

We have identified a number of courses where urgent attention is needed. Amanda, Thembi and the Program Managers will be working with course coordinators and leaders in these areas. I am looking for an uplift across all our courses. Every course counts.

5 strategies to improve your teaching for semester 2

  1. Share your plans to improve your course with a colleague.
  2. Provide your students with timely and constructive feedback – ensure all students have meaningful feedback on the previous assessment task before they submit the next one.
  3. Experiment with audio feedback. If you want help, ask Thembi.
  4. Ask your students for their feedback regularly – use 5 minutes at the end of class to check how things are going, use gosoapbox, ask for written feedback e.g., ‘muddiest points’, ‘stop, start, continue’, etc.
  5. Check out the new L&T section under construction on the SoE portal containing links to professional learning opportunities, resources, policies, ideas sharing, discussion forum, digital learning resources and lots more.

Later administration date for PX courses
In HE our response rate dropped by 8.5% in semester 1 – the only HE school to decline, so there is work for us to do to engage our students in the feedback process. Last semester we tested an assumption that the dates of the CES impact negatively on our PX students’ response rates. We arranged a later administration window of the CES in 22 HE PX courses. Compared to last time the courses ran, response rates improved in only 6 of these courses. Amanda and I will be seeking advice from our stats experts and Program Managers about implications for semester 2 CES dates.

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