SoE Belonging Leaders

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Student Belonging is one of the five Focus Areas of the university in 2018. To demonstrate our commitment to and advance this important area DSC has appointed a DPVC, Belonging, Robyn Healey (Dean of Fashion & Textiles) and each DSC school has appointed Belonging Leaders. These leaders will form a College network, sharing and implementing best practice.

I am delighted that the following staff have been appointed SoE Belonging Leaders in 2018:

  • Melanie Reynolds
  • Kathy Littlewood

Michelle Parente, who is working on alumni engagement (and accreditation), will also be involved in the Belonging initiatives.

We’ll provide more information about the roles of these Leaders and how you can be involved in student and staff Belonging projects at our upcoming Town hall meetings.

Interested in finding out more about the University Focus Areas for 2018? You can find detailed plans on a page here.

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