Should LANTITE be an entrance requirement?

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You may recall that the Department of Education, Skills and Employment commissioned dandolo partners to review LANTITE (see posts on July 12 and August 4).

The review mapped the implementation of the test to date and made recommendations to the Australian Government on the test’s possible future directions and ongoing implementation.

The Department then commissioned dandolo to undertake consultation on three recommendations from the review including whether the test should be an entrance requirement, rather than (as all providers currently have) as a requirement for graduation. Dandalo’s documentation noted that “ITE students support making the test a prerequisite. There was unanimous support from the nine focus groups we completed, including from ITE students who had easily met the standard and those who were not able to meet the standard.”

We did not support this recommendation and provided this feedback.

Dandalo are now undertaking a survey of ITE prospective students to canvas opinion about the recommend move of the LANTITE test.

Respondents are given the following instructions:

The following statements outline some of the potential key implications if the Test was changed to an entry requirement. Please indicate how strongly you disagree or agree:

  • The point at which I have to sit the Test doesn’t matter to me – I still have to meet the Test standard either way
  • Preparing for the test on top of my current studies is too much work
  • It would be hard for me to find the money to be able to pay the fees to sit for the Test right now
  • Having the Test as an entry requirement recognises that we need quality students studying teaching
  • Registering and sitting the Test before starting University is too much of a hassle
  • The other qualifications I’m considering also require me to take entry tests
  • I’d rather know I meet the test standard before I start studying than risk not meeting the standard once I’ve already spent time and money on teacher training
  • I have to meet other academic (e.g. ATAR) and non-academic (e.g. personal statement) requirements anyway, so the test isn’t any extra effort
  • I’m more worried about other entry requirements for teaching degrees (e.g. getting the ATAR I need / non-academic selection requirements)

Respondents are then asked:

If the Test was made an entry requirement rather than a graduation requirement, I would be…

  • Much less likely to apply for a teaching degree
  • Less likely to apply for a teaching degree
  • Neither more or less likely to apply for a teaching degree
  • More likely to apply for a teaching degree
  • A lot more likely to apply for a teaching degree

If you weren’t able to pass the Test on your first attempt, how strongly would you consider using other supports and pathways into teaching?:

  • Accessing online resources
  • Seeking private tutoring
  • Entry into teaching conditional on passing the test within the first 6 months
  • Bridging courses, short courses or microcreds designed to help you pass the Test

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