Shergold speaks out on the ATAR

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In last week’s Campus Review (which you can access free through the library), Peter Shergold, Chancellor of WSU and chair of the NSW Education Standards Authority criticised the ATAR noting that “we are the only country I have found in the world which brings it down to a single number, and the difficulty is that it is distorting what is happening in the final years of education at school and is distorting choices.”

“We need a leaving school certificate”, he noted “that measures the maturity and potential of the whole person and shows what has been their level of work experience.”

Shergold led a national review of senior secondary pathways which is expected to be released to education ministers next week.

Peter Shergold with Sophie and US students/graduates

RMIT’s Urban School is well placed to capitalise on the recommendations of the Shergold review, poised as we are to implement alternate pathways. We are also keen to pilot a learner profile that captures the students’ full breadth of learning across and beyond school.

Watch this space!

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