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The Student Experience Survey is distributed to students each year. It is the only opportunity we have to collect program-level data from our current students and so represents an important chance to supplement feedback from the SSCCs.

The 2018 SES has just closed. RMIT and SoEd response rates are summarised below:

Program Response rate
RMIT HE Total 38.4%
BP041 – B App Sci (Health and Physical Education) 74.8%
BP046 – B Ed (Bundoora) 46.2%
BP046 – B Ed (Brunswick) 53.4%
BP260 – B Ed (Early Child Education) 56.5%
GC044 – GC Careers Education and Development 42.2%
GD108 – GD Education (Early Childhood) 45.6%
MC219 – MTP (Primary Education) 55.7%
MC220 – MTP (Secondary Ed) 45.0%

All of our HE programs exceeded the university average, with half of our programs achieving response rates over 50% and the others sitting close. Particularly impressive was the stellar response rate from HPE. I understand the remaining 25% of students were on placement, otherwise I am informed we would have had 100%!

Across RMIT VE responses (15.9%) were down on 2017, but you can see our programs fared well, with a particularly strong response rate from the C4 Ed Support students.

Program  Response rate
RMIT VE Total 15.9%
C2084 – VCE Units 1 and 2 23.7%
C2085 – VCE UNITS 3 and 4 19.3%
C4349 – Cert IV in Education Support 67.9%

In terms of HDR responses, 34% of our 32 students responded, exceeding the RMIT response rate of 28%.

My thanks to you all for the work you did to encourage students to provide feedback. We won’t receive the data until next year, but when it does come we can be assured it will be reliable!



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  1. I think we need to work on getting VCE students to understand that their opinions matter and can make a difference. Hopefully by promoting belonging they will see themselves as part of a University and that they can impact on the educational experience. Looking forward to working in this and setting out ways of achieving this. Well done to all.

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