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New Canvas course shells have now been released for Semester 2. This includes courses that are part of program structures (VE program clustered courses), and courses that are eligible for rollover (courses that have previously had a Canvas shell).

Please note there is a new rollover process for Semester 2. Please read the instructions below to ensure you are aware of the new process and key dates.

Unlike Semester 1, the Project Rewire will not be contacting you to advise when your course will undergo QA. Course Coordinators and Program Managers have the responsibility to contact Project Rewire when the course is ready for QA. Further details about requesting QA are below.

When do my semester 2 courses need to be ready?
All courses must be complete at least two weeks before their scheduled start date, but we are aiming to have courses through QA by the end of May so staff can take leave between semesters confident the courses are ready to go. We have organised with Project Rewire to run a series of LiveQA sessions mid to late May. Further information about these sessions will come out shortly.

How to rollover your course content from last semester

    • The rollover approach for Semester 2 will provide you with greater flexibility and control of content.

    • The approach will give you the freedom to choose when, how and what content is brought over from previous teaching periods.

    • You will have received blank Canvas shells for Semester 2 on your dashboard. You now have the ability to copy all content from a previous shell, OR choose to import only selected content you wish to bring over.

    • All options are designed to be completed in a few easy steps: Rollover Instructions can be found here

    • If you would like face-to-face support with rollover activities, there is support available here.

The Quality Assurance (QA) Process
All courses for Semester 2  will need to go through the QA process and meet the 14 Elements, before students are given access to the course.  This includes courses rolling over from Semester 1 in to Semester 2.

How to request QA

QA Request Form: There is a new form on the Project Rewire website that you can complete when your course is ready to be reviewed, alternatively you can visit a face-to-face session. Either way you must take responsibility for organising a QA review when your course is ready, and no later than the deadline.

If you don’t have a course you think you should have
Course Search: You can now check the Course Coordinator and Program Manager associated with courses on the project website. You can also find out if your course shell has been created, if QA is underway or if it has passed QA. If you need to update any information related to courses please contact Emma Yench, Andrew Scarborough (HE), or Fiona Clark (VE).
For training resources and support such as videos and FAQs or face-to-face support at drop-in centres, you can find support here

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