Sem 1 CES

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CES results for semester 1 have just been released for RMIT showing a small increase in the Good Teaching Scale (GTS) for both HE and VE sectors. Sherman Young, Associate DVC, Education noted “While they recognise the difficult circumstances, our students are overall optimistic about RMIT’s quality of teaching and are impressed with the efforts of our academics and teachers to provide them with a great learning experience”.

Given the extraordinary circumstances in which we find ourselves I am hesitant to make too much of the CES data this year. I acknowledge the hard work it has taken to move all our courses online and the remarkable dedication I have witnessed to engage and retain our students. For the sake of completeness, a brief summary of the CES scores is provided below.

SoEd HE courses showed improvements against sem 1 2019 for both the GTS and OSI (% agree).

Compared to sem 1, 2019 (the first year for which we have separate data) Urban School saw a small increase on the GTS (1.6%) and a drop (3%) on the OSI.

If your response rates were low in first semester, you’re in good company. Across the university CES response rates halved compared to sem 1, 2019.

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