RMIT Urban School rounds off a great term 1

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The RMIT staff and students in the Urban School are nearing the end of a busy and productive first term.

With almost 400 Urban School students along with over 100 MTP students, the classrooms and study spaces in Building 108 are buzzing with activity, creativity and energy.

We are bursting at the seams – living testimony to our vision and wide-spread interest in our Urban School!!

Renamed “The RMIT Urban School’, we are demonstrating our inner-city urban school vision of a place that equips learners with agency, competencies and a sense of purpose, to shape their own lives and contribute to the lives of others.

A new approach with 8 staff mentors meeting regularly with students to facilitate, guide, collaborate and help plan students’ own learning journeys and pathways through our Urban School and RMIT, has been implemented thanks to the hard work of co-ordinator Trish Ellis and staff.

Urban School students have had the chance to be involved in the beginnings of a personalised learning plan with VE course, HE courses and micro-credentials offered in combination with VCE courses, thanks to  pathways co-ordinator, Travis Pemberton.

This semester:

  • 18 students have started their own personalised learning journeys enrolling in VE health courses
  • 7 students are pursing HE courses enrolling in science, business, international and global studies
  • over 36 enrolments in micro-credentials in various areas,

all alongside their VCE courses and under the guidance of a learning mentor.

And many more are enrolling for semester 2!!

Over 90 current students have “registered” interest in pursuing VE courses in media, art, health, business and other areas this year.

The “pilot” of an Urban School that differentiates us as a tertiary sector innovator and lifelong learning leader has been endorsed and embraced by students and staff.

MTP students have been working alongside the Urban School students in a number of innovative arrangements – including research projects, in-class teaching beyond PX and student support activities.

A wonderful start to learning journeys that embrace life-changing experiences , connected educational sectors and access and progression that matches interest and deliberate learning pathways.

Through this demonstration model we are pursuing our wider vision of an Urban School with RMIT leadership and sector leaders to enable the full Urban School to be realised.

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