RMIT priorities for 2020

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Last week I attended the Executive Leadership Forum (ELF) a regular meeting of the RMIT Executive team. Martin shared with us five Areas of Delivery for 2020:

  • Complete Program Transformation – creating a transformative student experience to lift NPS and GOS, embed microsurgery & microcredentials, really push authentic assessment, scale program principles
  • Industry Relationship Enhancement – industry and enterprise embedded in everything we do through relationships, effective systems, balanced scorecards, continuous relevant training and coaching, transparent rules of engagement
  • Project Pi – supporting our people with clearer, smarter, simpler systems, modernise Worklife, embed reconciliation, more time for our people to focus on what matters, establish confidence in our data; enable easier decision making
  • Academic Talent – building on Metis; Values, Enterprise Agreement; delivering our promise to community, develop a new way of formulating workplans
  • Quality Assurance – simple Q/A practices and systems, clear accountability

I look forward to providing more details at our next school meeting.

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