RMIT policy update

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See below an update on the policy revision process. For those with a penchant for policies and pancakes see the breakfast policy process workshop below. If you’re keen for an invitation, let me know!

The new Policy framework was approved in December 2015. To date, 20 out of a total of 25 policies have been approved. Of the 5 pending policies remaining, 1 is in early draft stage, and 4 are in final draft stage.

Approved policies can only come into effect with a full suite of supporting policy processes. Phase 2 of the project involves the finalisation of these policy processes, many of which are already published and in effect. Elena Dagis and Connie D’Aloia in the Compliance Advisory, have been tasked to continue progression with this work and transition the framework into effect.

Relevant stakeholders will shortly receive an invitation to a breakfast policy process workshop. At this session, participants will collaborate on best practice in policy process development and confirm a timeline for completion of this work.

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