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2020 is the fifth year of the Ready for Life and Work Strategy which means it’s time to launch a new conversation about where the next five years could take us at RMIT.

RMIT NEXT will be an evolution of the Ready for Life and Work Strategy that aims to highlight the important questions that we should be asking as a university to help shape our future and ensure our success.

What are the important questions that we need to ask as we journey into the future? What are the key topics we need to address? And how do we adapt to different challenges and opportunities?

Our future is what we make it. The next five-year strategy will reflect the inputs from our entire community of staff, students and alumni.

  • Look out for the timeline on Bowen Street – take a literal trip down memory lane and reflect on the achievements of RMIT from its inception until now.
  • Engage with RMIT NEXT at the End of Year Staff Party. Take time to read the posters, pick up the postcards, take home the NEXT branded seedlings, enjoy a NEXT dessert.
  • Visit the new RMIT NEXT website and read/download the Reflections Paper and leave feedback. []

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