RMIT Flexible Academic Careers Model

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Flexible Academic Careers (aka Project Metis*) is a major project currently underway to improve the academic promotion process. The project brings much needed reward for good teaching practices and will explore more flexible pathways for academic staff and will see the current Academic Expectations replaced.

The school has been well-represented on Metis through the good work that Peter Rushbrook has been doing and I know others have actively fed in through focus groups.

While at present the project is focusing on implementation of new process for HE staff in 2018, I am assured that VE and sessional staff will be looked at subsequently.

As the project moves ahead, and once teaching has started, I will organise a SoE workshop on the framework for all HE staff. In the meantime when you get a chance it is worth browsing the website above. The project team welcomes feedback, which you can provide here.

* In case your ancient Greek is a little rusty, Metis was the mother of wisdom and deep thought.

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