RMIT Creds update

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RMIT Creds is now a 90+ portfolio of valuable learning experiences offered free to staff and students.  Creds report more than 260,000 enrolments to date and high student satisfaction.  There are also strong indications that Creds meet the needs of external organisations. 

RMIT Online will take over the work to commercialise Creds.  This helps to create a single portfolio and proposition for RMIT’s online products.  RMIT Online is also already set up to sell and support online learning opportunities to lifelong learners, businesses and Government, so has the resources to support Creds to provide learning experiences for people outside the existing RMIT community

RMIT Studios will remain the owner of Creds for students and staff, and is the go to place for commissioning new student or embedded creds.  Any commercial opportunities for Creds or other online services that exist today or come into RMIT should now be referred to Narelle Stefanac, Growth Director and Helen Souness, CEO in RMIT Online.  To ensure alignment of offerings, RMIT Studios will continue working together with RMIT Online on those Creds opportunities which address both student and commercial audiences.

Darien Rossiter, who has been leading Creds, has been seconded to RMIT Online to support the transition of Creds as well other innovative academic and product offerings.

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