RMIT Code of Conduct

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At this time of year I am required to report to the Chief Audit and Risk Officer, Kate Hughes on our internal controls and our risk management culture. In completing this work I am reminded of the importance of our Code Conduct.

The Code of Conduct for Staff provides definition on how RMIT’s values are demonstrated in the day-to-day activities of the University. The Code outlines the expected standards of behaviour and how members of the RMIT staff community are to conduct their duties while representing RMIT and working towards achieving the goals of the University. All standards contained in this Code are in addition to the general obligations imposed on staff members including implied duties such as the duty of fidelity and to act in good faith.

The Code of Conduct has five principles:

  • respecting others
  • behaving professionally
  • avoiding conflict of interest
  • using University resources
  • recognising intellectual freedom

We take seriously breaches of the Code. If you believe there has been a breach of the Code please let me know.

Finally, the Code of Conduct is currently being reviewed. A new draft Code is expected to be available for consultation in early 2020.

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