RMIT ABC Fact Check unit

Andrea ChesterUncategorized

Great to see the ABC’s Fact Check unit back in business, in partnership with our School of Media & Communication. Opening in March, the unit will be based in the New Media Precinct in NAS and engage Journalism students, alumni and staff.  Content will be published by the ABC and on a dedicated RMIT portal.

The dean of the school of media and communication, Professor Martyn Hook, said the public broadcaster and the university would share resources to bring the badly needed service back to life.

“In a time of ‘post-truth’, ‘alternative facts’ and ‘fake news’, it is ever more critical to hold public figures to account and ensure that public discourse – the basis of democracy – is based in fact,” Hook said. “RMIT is thrilled to join with the ABC to relaunch Fact Check and support this crucial public service.”

The ABC’s director of news, Gaven Morris, said the innovative partnership would bring great value to audiences.

“ABC News is delighted to be able to work with the academic community, as well as other groups and institutions, in this way,” he said. “Sharing resources, and collaborating on analysis and original research, helps us better serve the broadest possible audience.