RMFII wins Beth Southwell Practical Implications Award

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On July 1-5 the Mathematics Education Research Group of Australasia (MERGA) had their annual conference in Albany, Auckland. Each year at the conference the Beth Southwell Practical Implications Award is presented to a researcher or group of researchers who identify a problem in mathematics teaching practice, address the problem through robust research and have findings relevant and useful for classroom teachers and maths educators.

This year’s winners were a team led by Di Siemon. Di ,along with Rosemary Callingham, Lorraine Day, Marj Horne, Rebecca Seah, Max Stephens and Jane Watson wrote a paper titled “From Research to Practice: The Case of Mathematical Reasoning” related to their project Reframing Mathematical Futures II (RMFII) funded by the Federal Department of Education. The award is the most prestigious award presented by the MERGA committee, with the winning paper presented to the conference in a plenary session. Both Di and Rebecca did an amazing job presenting the plenary lecture and the MERGA community were impressed by the work being done on the RMFII project.

Congratulations to Di, Rebecca, Tass, Claudia O and all the others from RMIT involved in this fantastic project linking research and classroom practice. A great acknowledgement of the practical impact of the work.

With thanks to Angela for the text and photo.

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