Rich and constructive feedback on PL day

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Just wonderful, a celebration of all the people that make up the School of Education

I was able to feel a sense of pride in being a member of ‘the team’ in Education

The collegiality between staff across the SoE meant that most people are keen to learn together. 

We have enjoyed reading your feedback on the PL Day. It has been rich, thoughtful and very constructive. It will certainly help our planning for the next event. Thanks to all staff who responded. I’m most grateful to Baia who has helped put the following summary together.

In general the day was rated favourably, with almost 80% of staff rating it as 4 or 5 on a 5-point scale. Your comments were very positive around the following themes:

Collegiality/connections – Overwhelmingly staff commented on the value of being together as a whole school, of learning and sharing.

Enjoyed time and space to connect with colleagues, outside our office space, learn new things, be inspired, motivated.

Meeting new colleagues and working together.

The collegiality! More than ever before I feel positive collaboration and mutual respect between HE and VE.

The opportunity to chew meaningful fat with colleagues I don’t usually have time to share experiences and ideas with.

The student panel  – while all the sessions were mentioned as positive aspects of the day the standout was the student panel.

The student forum – listening to their feedback – could have twice as long on this session.

The student panel was fantastic. 

It was great to hear from the students. 

Staff reflected on the messages they heard, including: “students want more feedback”, “feedback is essential to students”, “our students are amazing”, “learn best doing, so keep it practical”, “listen and engage with our students” and “the importance of being passionate, practical and caring”.

Workshops –  The workshops got great reviews and we will send specific feedback to our facilitators. Particular mention was made of the  “variety”, “fun”, “hands on” and “highly engaging” sessions.

Creative Agency Session – Another standout for many staff was the opening session led by Anne and Leon. You commented on the physicality and fun, “energised me for the rest of the day”, “invigorating”, “inspired”, “was unexpected” and “dynamic”. 

Yes, we heard that the big room wasn’t ideal for the first session but you also said that you liked being on the one floor. We should be more sustainably minded and avoid plastic containers, but the food was appreciated. You suggested allowing for time to work in program teams and work units and perhaps having half day PD. Also, the professional staff would like more sessions that apply to them.

Many told us that they liked the acknowledgment the organisers received and appreciated the effort that went into organising the day.

You suggested the following topics for the next PL day:

  • Focus on staff mental health, time management/email management
  • Student mental health/gender issues/disability, EAL/indigenous, building student resilience
  • Assessment and feedback strategies; how to give feedback
  • More student forums (include Early Childhood)
  • Canvas
  • Sharing of good practice
  • Sharing research interests and ideas
  • More trumpet!

I will leave you with one final PL day takeaway. One staff member noted they left the day with

A feeling that I have helped contribute to the RMIT values. 






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