Responding to disclosures of sexual harm

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Following the Change the Course Report on sexual harm at Australian Universities and the Respect. Now. Always campaign, RMIT has been renewing its focus in this area.

All staff can participate in the Responding to Disclosures of Sexual Assault workshop run by CASA through DevelopMe. Some of you may have already completed it. I attended this four-hour workshop in June and found the framework for responding to sexual assault a useful one.

In addition, RMIT has updated its module on Responding to disclosures of sexual harm.  The module is designed to increase our confidence so if a student or colleague discloses to us, we have the confidence to respond with care, guide the person to appropriate support and seek support for ourselves. It contains four short segments that are quick to work through and provide a reminder of appropriate actions and relevant resources. I encourage all staff to complete this.

Many thanks to Craige for bringing this module to our attention in the Urban School.

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