Reconciliation Week May 27-June 3

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  • Who is the man on Australia’s $50 note and why is he celebrated?
  • What’s the world’s oldest living culture?
  • What’s the difference between a Welcome To, and Acknowledgement of, Country?
  • Do you know what the Australian Aboriginal flag represents?

Try asking a few people to name six past or present prominent Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples who are not actors, musicians or sportspeople.

To build up some basics, a series of short Know This? animations and infographics are being released by the Australian Council of Deans of Education (ACDE) and the Australian Indigenous Lecturers in Initial Teacher Education (AILITEA) in the lead up to Reconciliation Week (May 27-June 3).

Most of the questions stem from an ACDE webinar, viewed by more than 7000 teaching students and teachers, and interviews conducted with teacher education students. Drs Sheelagh Daniels-Mayes and Graeme Gower, of the AILITEA and the ACDE have created the Know This? content with support from Teachers Mutual Bank. ‘We need to demystify what Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander education is about, because Aboriginal history and culture is really exciting.’ Dr Daniels-Mayes of the University of Sydney says.

‘It’s really important for those who are Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander teachers and students, and those who are not, to know each other much better,’ she says. ‘Understanding is crucial yet many Australians, particularly more mature ones, have little knowledge of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture and history. Often it was not part of their school curriculum or was taught only in limited ways,’ Dr Gower of Edith Cowan University says. ‘But this is all our Australian history. That’s why we hope the Know This? Content will spark interest and encourage Australians to learn more,’ he says.

ACDE and the AILITEA encourage and welcome the sharing of Know This? content as widely as possible. The content may be used in its original form for non-commercial purposes.

Know This content can be viewed on the ACDE website. There are links to download all material here. This includes different formats of infographics along with the list of links to download or embed the videos and scripts of the videos.

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