Queering Autoethnography

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Great to see that Anne’s 2019 book Queering Autoethnography received an ‘Honourable Mention’ from the 2020 International Congress of Qualitative Inquiry Qualitative Book Award Committee. Anne’s co-author, Stacy Holman Jones was also the recipient of the Special Career Award in Qualitative Inquiry, which recognizes dedication and contributions to qualitative research, teaching, and practice.

In their book Queering Autoethnography, Stacy Holman Jones and Anne M. Harris expand the range of autoethnographic practice and purposefully disrupt “taken-for-granted knowledges that continue to marginalize, oppress and/or take advantage of those ….who do not participate or find ourselves reflected in mainstream cultures and social structures – which includes research methodologies’” (p. 4). Employing contemporary flashpoints, including queer memorializing and mourning, and digital and cultural transformations of queer lives and bodies, among others, the authors are committed to writing for those who have been “forgotten, lost, left behind, unacknolwedged, hurt or silenced, or worse” (p. 9). This book eloquently carves out ethical space on behalf of queer presence in these oppressive times. Weaving the theoretical and the personal together with sensitivity, it speaks from a a place of affect and taps into empathic passion in a way that engages and moves readers from the first to final page. This text explores the theoretical and practical possibilities offered by a queer approach to autoethnography.


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