Qualitative Interest Group reminder

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To all SoEd researchers and HDR students

You are invited to the first meeting of the Qualitative Interest Group at Bundoora.  

Who is invited?

Anyone who wants to come along – experienced qualitative researchers, new qualitative researchers, staff and students are all welcome! Feel free to pass this on to colleagues who might find it useful. 

When is the meeting?

Tuesday February 11, 12.30 till 2 pm

Where is it?

Bundoora campus 202.02.008. You are welcome to bring lunch with you. The room is booked 12-2 so feel free to come early to read/eat/chat


We will use this meeting to talk about two things:

First, about planning qualitative research – both design and practical issues.  Bring along your dilemmas and your experiences.

Next, we will nut out what we want the Bundoora group to discuss.  Meetings have been scheduled from February to July this year, and we will then review the situation. So come along with ideas for topics you want Bundoora QIG to discuss.

If you can’t make it to the meeting, send an email with your ideas for Bundoora QIG and I’ll present them to the group for discussion.

If you want to receive notices about QIG (both Bundoora and city meetings) and are not already on the QIG email list, send me an email and I’ll add your name,

What is QIG?

QIG is a loose collection of people interested in qualitative research of all kinds. In first semester 2020, we have two branches- one on the city and one on the Bundoora campus.  The two groups have independent agendas but use the one email list, so everyone gets information about both groups’ meetings.

The city group meets on the first Tuesday of each month, usually in the board room in RMIT’s building 13 (13.4.02). The Bundoora group meets on the second Tuesday, usually in 202.02.008. For both groups, the conversation is around a pre-set topic but follows the interests of those attending.  No need to RSVP or to commit to monthly attending- just rock up to whichever meetings you want. 

Meetings are 12.30 -2PM, and you are welcome to bring your lunch.   The rooms are usually open at 12 if you want to arrive early and read, chat or lunch before the meeting.   An emailed invitation is sent out about a fortnight ahead of each meeting with the time, venue, topic and some suggestions about possible readings. It is never compulsory to read up on the topic. Our only strict rule is that what’s said in QIG stays in QIG unless permission is given to broadcast it beyond the meeting.  That enables us to admit when we don’t know how to do something, or when we attempted something, and it went disastrously wrong and on occasions to discuss data.

We have a blog on Google automatically accessible to RMIT listers, by invitation to those outside RMIT. https://sites.google.com/a/rmit.edu.au/qigsite/

If you want your name added to the email list so you receive invitations and reports of meetings contact  helen.marshall@rmit.edu.au.

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