Promoting Student Mental Wellbeing in VE

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On August 21, the Chancellor and Vice Chancellor issued a joint statement identifying students’ mental wellbeing as a core priority for RMIT University.

In response to this commitment we have announced the first RMIT project in this important area – a partnership project between VE and the Student Wellbeing Group which will deliver support for our VE staff and students’ mental wellbeing.

Promoting Mental Wellbeing in Vocational Education 

The Promoting Mental Wellbeing in Vocational Education Project will:

  • Explore opportunities to improve systems for student support with the aim to streamline and reduce teacher workload
  • Provide clear, practical and accessible student and staff mental wellbeing information and resources
  • Offer targeted Professional Development to assist staff to recognise, respond and refer students with complex needs (including challenging behaviour and mental wellbeing)

Over the coming weeks there will be more details regarding the project and opportunities to be involved. I look forward to talking to our VE staff in more detail about this project at our upcoming town hall meeting.

Equitable Learning Services (ELS) and Counselling Service wait times

To further support RMIT’s commitment to making student mental health and wellbeing a priority, the Student Wellbeing Group is pleased to announce their commitment to ensuring a two week maximum wait time for Counselling and Equitable Learning Services appointments.

For queries regarding the Promoting Mental Wellbeing in Vocational Education Project please contact: Vanna Garrick, Project Manager Student Mental Wellbeing Initiatives, Student Wellbeing Group

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