Program Architecture

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I recently blogged about an opportunity for a 0.6 secondment to the Program Architecture project team in Sherman Young’s office (Associate DVC, Education).

The Program Architecture team is also calling for one staff representative from each school to contribute to a working group to feed into the development of this framework for RMIT. It is important that our voice be represented on this important project and I encourage all academic staff to consider this opportunity for university level engagement. The commitment will be two hours per month from August to March. If you are interested, please contact your Associate Dean, Discipline.

There is a little background to the Program Architecture project below:

Program architecture must work with curriculum and pedagogy to underpin learning that prepares graduates for long and unpredictable lives and work; support options for non-formal and formal learning across the life course and better accommodates informal learning. A sustainable program architecture must easily adapt to accommodate new knowledges, new ways and durations of learning.

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