Primary specialisation update

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The strengthened Accreditation Standards and Procedures require that all primary ITE graduates must have a primary specialisation. This means, that as well as a broad range of teaching skills relevant to the whole primary curriculum, primary graduates will also have deeper knowledge and teaching skills related to one primary learning area.

The Primary Specialisation Guideline has been updated and is now available on the AITSL website at:

The updated Guideline does not change the original intent of the Program Standard but instead aims to improve its clarity to ensure the requirements of primary specialisations are clearly understood by ITE providers, teacher regulatory authorities and accreditation panels.

One Comment on “Primary specialisation update”

  1. I am sure some of the experienced staff are laughing and remembering when the BEd program used to over 4 electives so students could make a specialisation! But also, with all the other accreditation requirements primary ITE is looking more and more overcrowded, and I am sure it is the education theory that is being squeezed out – thus setting up graduates who will not be turned on by the theories that will motivate them to continue their education studies… sad.

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