Preparing for Promotion

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The 2018 Promotion round will be officially launched on Tuesday 2 April. Please register your attendance at our launch here.
In 2019 applications can be made under the one “new” Academic Promotion Framework.  In the lead up to the launch, Academic Promotion Information Q&A sessions will run at each campus to equip you with all you might need to prepare for a promotion application this year.  These will be held:

In 2019 there is a new stage in the Academic Promotion process. This is an Eligibility Check, which must be undertaken before you submit an Intent to Apply form. The Eligibility Check is an online form that takes you through the basic eligibility criteria for Academic Promotion. It will take you no more than five minutes to complete. Submitting the form lets the Academic Promotion team know you are interested in promotion and triggers the next step. If you are eligible to apply, the Academic Promotion team will then send you:

  • Details of how to access your Research Report for Academic Promotion, if you are applying under the Research domain
  • Your Teaching Report, if you are applying under the Teaching domain
  • A Guide to the Metrics and Reports for Teaching and Research
  • Information about completing a self-appraisal against RMIT’s Leadership Capability Framework (to support your evidence against the Engagement domain) for the level you will be applying to.
  • Information about completing a collegiality 360 assessment. This will need to be completed in April by you, your direct manager/supervisor, a colleague nominated by your manager and a colleague nominated by you (this reflective appraisal will support your evidence against the Engagement domain).

The Teaching and Research Reports are being provided earlier in the year than previously, so you can review and update your data before completing and submitting an Intent to Apply form.

You will not be provided with a formal Engagement Report, but in 2019 we are introducing new indicators to help you demonstrate your impact against the Engagement criteria. For Internal Engagement these will draw on leadership and collegiality appraisals and the Advancing Reconciliation – Preparing for Bundyi Girriand the Building Belonging micro-credentials.  Further details about applying under the Engagement domain will be available in April.
Your Teaching, Research and Engagement data should inform conversations held with your manager/supervisor and Head of School/Dean/Executive Dean before you submit an Intent to Apply form.
In 2019 applicant support for promotion will focus on two key aspects: 

  • BOOST for Academic Promotion Mentoring Program: applicants for promotion have found mentoring from a senior academic one of the most useful sources of advice about and support through the Academic Promotion process.  This program will enable you to register for mentoring, choose an appropriate mentor and give you guidance in making the most of the mentoring relationship.
  • Academic Promotion Application Development Program: a series of six 2.5-hour hands-on workshops held once a fortnight throughout May and July to help you develop and write your promotion application. Additional workshops will also be available as part of this program on topics such as ‘What the Panel is Looking For’ and ‘What I Did to get Promoted’, where applicants can hear from and ask questions of academics who have sat on assessment panels and those who have been recently promoted.

Registrations will be open for both programs from 2 – 26 April 2019. Links will be available via the Academic Promotion homepage in the coming weeks.

What do you need to do next?
If you are interested in applying for promotion in 2019, please submit your Eligibility Check as soon as possible. You will need to access and update your Teaching and Research data throughout March.

If you have any queries, please contact

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