PoPLab update

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PoPLab plans are bubbling away in preparation for the launch of the concept and its location at Bundoora on 19 June at 3 pm. Please put this date in your diary and join us for this exciting event.

If you are doing any pedagogical and/or research work that potentially sits in this space we want to include your ideas in this brief. If your work involves any alliance to ‘pedagogies of possibility’ please send a one page powerpoint summary of your work to Jayne (jayne.white@rmit.edu.au) by end of April. We want YOUR ideas as part of this galvanising space for inquiry and provocation:

Some starting ‘possibilities’ for us to explore as a lab:

PoPLab is a positive rehab of the concept that can also mean ‘pedagogies of possibilities’ but with shades of means to do with pop culture and the media – now digital media. Actually the difference between pop and highbrow culture has almost disappeared: is there anything else apart from pop culture?

justice-minded organizations can combine a strategic social justice goal with an engrossing storyline to spotlight injustice, disrupt stereotypes, build empathy, challenge traditional narratives, and shape new narratives’ …  especially as the new forms of engagement are  ‘platforms like Hulu, YouTube, Amazon, and Netflix are joining traditional cable and public TV as spaces for experimentation in cinematic storytelling.


The focus can also support our interest in the visual.

popular culture may be defined as the products and forms of expression and identity that are frequently encountered or widely accepted, commonly liked or approved, and characteristic of a particular society at a given time


The role of critical reflection is often neglected but PoP is savage with ideas, fashion and trend, bringing together art, culture and new/mass media.

What about VR and AR as contemporary pedagogical spaces for inquiry and learning? The place of sport? 

Also, a brief reminder – have you registered for the Association for Visual Pedagogies Conference yet? Any member of our school can do so at a 50% reduced price and, upon application, as part of your research funding. A very interesting couple of days guaranteed. It’s not too late to submit an abstract if you want to share some of your thinking too.

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