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For your Friday reading pleasure… (and I hope you all have a good weekend!)

As you aware the University has been reviewing its policies over the last 12 months and has condensed over 100 policies into 25. The key academic and student administration policies are:

  1. Enrolment
  2. Programs and Courses
  3. Admissions and Credit
  4. Conferral and Graduation
  5. Assessment
  6. Student Conduct
  7. Complaints (co-sponsored with Resources Portfolio)

Critical to the release of the new policies is the development of the policy processes and ensuring existing procedures/instructions/guidelines are either rescinded or consolidated into the new processes. The new policies, even if approved by Academic Board, can’t be published until the full suite of policy processes are finalised. Until then, it’s business as usual with the existing policies and procedures/instructions/guidelines.

There is currently much furious work behind the scenes to finalise any outstanding policies and processes and we are close to publication.

Below is a timeline of when we expect the new policy suites to be released. Detailed communications to stakeholders, as well as an entry in RMIT Update, will accompany the release.

  1. Enrolment – 30 January
  2. Admissions and Credit – 30 January
  3. Conferral and Graduation – 24 February
  4. Programs and Courses – 28 April
  5. Assessment – 28 April
  6. Student Conduct – 28 April
  7. Complaints –  28 April

Please distribute this to your teams as appropriate.

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