Planning for movement in class

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Check out this three-minute video for some ideas on how movement can boost learning and how to plan for it in your class.

Screen Shot 2018-08-28 at 7.37.03 am.png

Despite the picture above, movement doesn’t need to be (although it could involve) interpretative dance! As William deJean notes, it might involve standing for a small group discussion (as we did at the last Gonski session), walk and talk activities or moving to different parts of the room to vote on issues.

Movement has the benefit of:

  • increasing blood flow to the brain
  • maintaining interest
  • minimising distractions
  • aiding transitions

Keen to hear if you are already using movement as part of your teaching approach. Photos welcome!


4 Comments on “Planning for movement in class”

  1. I modelled what we did in the Gonski session in my r 12 English class and it really boasted engagement, so highly encourage others to incorporate movement in their delivery.

  2. Love this Andrea
    Being of a PE and Health background I am a big believer in movement in all classes and brain breaks to help re-energise and refocus – could be a part of the strategies we were discussing for the Belonging site……

    1. Yes, I have used movement strategies in a few different ways with classes and agree it helps energise and focus a class. Anything that helps learners to be more engaged often also assists with their connection and belonging. So we should include a few strategies.

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