Peter Kelly’s new book

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Screen Shot 2018-10-23 at 6.04.05 pmCongratulations to Peter and his co-authors Perri Campbell (who recently moved from RMIT to Swinburne) and Luke Howie on the publication of Rethinking Young People’s Marginalisation: Beyond Neo-Liberal Futures? by Routledge.

In the 21st century a range of systems – atmospheric, ocean, land and neo-Liberal capitalism – are all in crisis. These crises are deeply related with diverse and multiple consequences including war, everyday violence, hate and extremism, global flows of millions of the dispossessed and homeless; and in the precarious, uncertain, and marginal existence of millions more.

Rethinking Young People’s Marginalisation is concerned with the experience, affect, and effects of these earth systems crises on:

  • young people’s life chances, life choices, and life courses
  • young people’s engagement with education, training, and work
  • the character of young people’s being and becoming, their gendered embodiment, their participation in cultures of democracy, their resilience, and their marginalisation.

It looks like an important read for those concerned with our young people and our collective futures.

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