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I recently had a welcome opportunity to read all the minutes from our 2017 Student Staff Consultative Committee meetings.

The first thing I noticed was how many positive comments were made across our VCE, VE and HE programs about particular teachers and courses; how often the skill, effort and care you bring to teaching is genuinely appreciated by the students.  It was very affirming to read these comments!

The second aspect I noticed was how discerning our students are about pedagogy – I would expect nothing less! From VCE to HE the students value interactive approaches to learning and frequently called out good examples of this. Equally they noted when this was not happening e.g., staff reading from powerpoint slides. This is an ongoing issue for discussion within program teams. We’ll have an opportunity to interrogate this further at our April PL Day, with a student panel session titled How We Like to Learn. 

The third major observation was the variation in both format and quality of the meeting minutes. In general it was not easy to see how issues had been addressed and when the feedback loop had been closed. For me this is one of the most important functions of the SSCC. In order to address this I suggest we trial a different approach to recording our SSCCs this year, using rolling action sheets to track issues raised, who is responsible and when the item is closed. These could be shared with all students and staff via the Canvas program shells. Jana, Travis, Vicki and I will work on a template and some examples.


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