Our schools, our community: preparing teachers

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The Victorian Council of Deans of Education Conference 2017 will be held at Deakin Downtown on

Monday 7 August 2017, 9.30 am to 3.30 pm

The VCDE conference focuses on ITE and this year will consider the changing nature of the Australian community, what schools do to respond to the many needs of their students and implications for teacher preparation. Speakers will include:

Professor Mark Rose, Exec Director Indigenous Strategy and Education, La Trobe University, and member of the Board of Victorian Aboriginal Educational Association Inc. (VAEAI) who will lead the first session with representatives of VAEAI and school principals to discuss variations in Indigenous student numbers in Victorian schools, how this impacts on the cultural awareness of different school communities, and how the needs of Indigenous students can be met in a different school contexts. Indigenous student numbers vary across Victorian schools varies from low to high. In some cases Indigeneity is apparent, in other cases it is invisible. This session will discuss ways to address the cultural needs of Indigenous students in different school communities.

Katerina Lecchi, Education and Campaign Coordinator of the National Anti-Racism Strategy at the Australian Human Rights Commission. Katerina, a passionate human rights advocate, will lead the second session with a workshop on how the human rights frameworks can be applied in the education sector. The Australian Human Rights Commission has a long-standing education program focusing on building the capacity of educators to incorporate human rights practices and concepts into their teaching practices. The workshop will provide an introduction to:

  • The Australian Human Rights Commission and its functions relating to human rights, discrimination and education.
  • The link between human rights standards and the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers.
  • An introduction to the Sustainable Development Goals and what they mean for the education sector.

The afternoon program will include a presentation from a school working with refugee communities and will conclude with a panel discussion to consider implications for ITE.

It will be good to have a strong and positive SoE presence at the conference. We hope that relevant program managers will be able to attend. In addition there are spaces for a small number of other staff.  If you would like to come (regardless of whether you work in HE or VE) please let me know. Places will go to the first people who respond.

For more details see: VCDE_2017 Conference _Flyer


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