Our disciplines – who are we and who do we want to be?

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Thanks all for your feedback regarding the SoE disciplines proposed in the recent Discipline Alignment and Academic Leadership paper circulated by the PVC.

The core driver for the focus on disciplines is our desire to identify basic academic units that require high level academic leadership,  have high visibility externally and are future focussed.

While we might have thought it obvious who we are and what we do, the task of identifying our disciplines proved devilishly complex and we tossed around many different ideas. I appreciate the ideas you have expressed both in writing and in person and I have taken on board your suggestions. I heard loud and clear that Teacher Education was not inclusive enough and neither this discipline name nor Preparatory Education accommodated workplace training.

After considerable discussion the Senior Leadership Group has landed on the following disciplines:

  • Education
  • Tertiary Preparation and Workplace Training

These are broad enough to accommodate and describe our teaching and research, they are understood by others beyond the school and provide opportunities for future growth. I look forward to exploring these in more detail as we review our mission and vision in the coming months.


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