Open Day at Bundoora – thanks to all!

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Yesterday saw a beautiful sunny, if rather windy, Open Day at Bundoora. I am told the campus hosted 4,500+ prospective students and their families (an increase on last year), several hundred of whom visited SoEd in b.224.

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I was impressed by the way our staff and students worked in seamless partnership, presenting a compelling, articulate and passionate advertisement for our programs.

Our PMs worked incredibly hard, presenting engaging information sessions multiple times throughout the day. Final year B.Ed students and EC staff offered workshops on what makes a good teacher. Staff and students in HPES ran campus tours. The B.Ed, ECE, HPES and MTP areas had a steady stream all day, as did Robyn and Morena, who provided advice on our new Dip Teacher Education Preparation pathway program. The professional staff team helped set up on Friday, bumped out at the end of the day and kept things running smoothly all day. While our feet were paddling hard under the water, in our SoEd t-shirts and hoodies we looked effortlessly superb!

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We’ll run a retrospective over the coming days to review lessons learned and I’m keen to hear your feedback. For the moment though my most sincere thanks to everyone who contributed to the success of our 2018 Bundoora Open Day.



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