Open Day 2020

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The countdown is on to our first virtual Open Day this weekend, which will take place on both Saturday and Sunday (10am – 3pm). The event page is now live and you can register here

Activities to support SoEd are listed below.

Pre-recorded videos:

Following College endorsement and discussions  about priority programs at quarterly consultations, a pre-recorded video was created for SoEd:

Here are the other videos that will be made available. 

Live chats:

To date, 18 staff volunteers and 13 student volunteers have agreed to participate in our live chat function for SoEd programs. As with a physical Open Day, prospective students and their parents will have program-specific questions and we’ve recognised the importance of providing this bespoke customer service in a digital format.  Live Chats for the School of Education will focus on HPES and ITE.

A reminder to register for Open Day here if you want to see what is on offer. Your registration will ensure you have access to all the live events on the day, plus the entire Open Day experience including immersive campus tours and student content.

Many thanks to Tammy and Travis who have done an outstanding job of preparing us for Open Day 2020.

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