Open Day 2019 – Bundoora

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Many thanks to all staff and students who made the 2019 Open Day at Bundoora such a success on Sunday August 4. We were truly resplendent (and very warm!) in our red and black hoodies.

I heard excellent reports from the What Makes a Great Teacher? workshops run by our B.Ed students. The Keelbundoora walk led by Al and Uncle Mik was a great addition and our presenters all did an excellent job. I was delighted to hear some parents were also converted! All staff and student helpers ensured the day ran smoothly. Thanks to everyone who helped plan, set up and pack up.

Naomi with B.Ed student facilitators at the What Makes a Great Teacher? workshop
Uncle Mik and Al with guests at the start of the Keelbundoora Trail
“Where else could you be paid to play?” Jayne coverts the room to the joys of ECE!
Linda and the VC in conversation
Martin and Kathy with HPES students

We will run a retro in the next week to review what went well and collect ideas for 2020. I’ll be keen to hear your thoughts.

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