One thing you can do today to help

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Many thanks to everyone who has already offered to take up one of the voluntary contributions. Your generosity will have an impact and is much appreciated.

Aside from the 48/52 and 9 day fortnight options, we can all contribute to further savings in the School budget simply by taking annual leave.  

How does taking leave help the School budget?
Each year the School budget includes the yearly salary for each staff member PLUS another four weeks (or equivalent FTE) of paid annual leave (this is the 13th week of salary Michelle Dickinson referred to at our Q&A session on Friday).  By taking your annual leave the School reduces this liability and the leave funds are credited back to the School, having a positive impact on our result.

Whether you take it as a block or as a series of long weekends, as mid-week breaks or half days, venture interstate, schedule an indigenous tour or enjoy a staycation, booking your leave will be a big help, and hopefully good for your wellbeing.

Please discuss the timing of your leave with your line manager and submit your request via ESS.

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