NEXT L&T Forum

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Nearly 100 staff from across the University came together this week for a passionate and wide ranging conversation about what learning and teaching could look like in the future as we prepare for the next step in RMIT’s ready for life and work strategy. 

The discussion was led by ADVCE Professor Sherman Young, DPVC L&T with a stellar panel including Urban School Associate Dean Sophie Fenton, Professor Claire Macken (CoBL), and RUSU President Daniel Hoogstra.

Conversations provoked and explored what learning and teaching could look like post COVID-19, how students could be engaged to co-create their own learning, how we can build stronger connections between the Urban School, VE and HE to create a cohesive learning journey for students and more.

It was wonderful to have Urban School so positively profiled as part of the rich mix of learning at RMIT.

You can view the full recording of the session on RMIT NEXT’s website. You can also join the conversation through the discussion forum and the L&T community Yammer group and contribute to building RMIT’s 2025 strategy.

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