New VE College

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By now you will have received information from the VC regarding the new College of Vocational Education.

Success: The vision is to create a united, supported and empowered VE community that is set up for success, valued, and continuing to lead innovative, internationally-recognised teaching practice.

Simplicity: The initiative will allow simpler systems and processes that are designed for VE’s unique requirements, so that we can deliver even better staff and student experiences.

Commitment: A proposal to create a new College of Vocational Education (VE) has been endorsed by RMIT University Council, and a new PVC VE will be announced shortly to lead this work.

Co-creation: There will be opportunities to be involved in this process over the coming 12 – 18 months as we scope and design what the College could look like. For now there are no changes and it’s business as usual.

What impact will this have for the Urban School?
The Urban School will not be impacted by these changes.

More information is available on the VE Essentials website.

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