New Policies: Conflict of Interest and Gifts, Benefits & Hospitality

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We have developed two new integrity policies: Conflict of Interest Policy (COI policy) and Gifts, Benefits and Hospitality Policy (Gifts policy). 

They have been developed to strengthen the University’s integrity policies and promote a culture consistent with our Code of Conduct and values. These policies provide clear expectations and guidance for staff and put in place processes for identifying, managing and mitigating conflicts of interest.

Staff can now register and manage declarations online in the declaration forms portal.

Some key points to be aware off as we introduce the policies are:

COI policy

  • All staff need to understand their responsibilities when it comes to identifying, declaring and managing conflicts of interest to protect both staff and RMIT.
  •  The COI policy and accompanying Conflict of Interest Declaration and Management Procedure guide staff in assessing, documenting and managing their own conflicts of interest and those of direct reports. Staff must use a Conflict of Interest Declaration Form to record any conflicts of interest.
  • A key improvement in our COI policy is greater guidance on the use of self-authored learning resources for a course. Academic staff need to follow the recommendations in the guidance materials if they assign self-authored learning resources. The Integrity Unit within the Academic Registrar’s Group will be holding workshops to provide further detail.
  • Staff in Australia and Europe will have a 3 month window to register any existing COIs in the new declaration portal, regardless if they have already made a paper declaration to their manager. If the COI no longer exists, then they don’t need to take action.

Gifts policy

  • The Gifts policy sets out staff responsibilities, outlining when and how gifts need to be registered, when to decline an offer and when a manager’s approval is needed.

 If you have any policy/declaration queries, please contact your manager or HR Assist. If you have technical issues, for example issues with the electronic declaration form, please contact ITS Service & Support.

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