New microcreds for staff

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Last week Craige wrote to the Urban School team describing his experience of completing two of the new microcredentials available for staff. On the strength of his compelling recommendations I completed Preparing for Bundyi Girri and Building Belonging and I am now the proud owner of both badges.

Like Craige I recommend both to you. The Bundyi Girri cred in particular was engaging and well structured and encouraged me to think deeply about my own reconciliation journey. . The assessment was meaningful. The cred is designed to take about 2 hours to complete, but as Craige discovered, can take longer if you follow links to expand your knowledge. This cred is an introduction for RMIT staff to Bundyi Girri, providing an overview of the different ways that colonial dynamics have shaped, and continue to shape, Aboriginal and non-Indigenous relations, the importance of recognising Aboriginal sovereignty, and the importance of thinking critically about how this knowledge relates to self. Teams might like to consider working through the credential together.

You can see the full suite of 60+ Creds now available to our students here. While students can complete Creds any time as an enrolled student, Creds can also be embedded into courses (either for credit or as a recommended reading). It would be great to use these to cover off core aspects in our programs such as the Indigenous Welcome, Academic Integrity, Giving and Receiving Feedback, Information Literacy, etc. I know the PMs are thinking about how to take advantage of these new credentials.

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