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After 17 years at RMIT Nancy is moving on to an exciting new role at Monash College. Please see below a tribute to Nancy that Tricia circulated to Urban School staff yesterday. I add my thanks to Nancy for the important role she has played in leading the VCE program with such care, attention to detail and commitment.

Nancy started at RMIT in the School of Life and Physical Sciences (affectionately known as SLAPS). Over the years, throughout various school name changes and restructures, Nancy continued to teach and manage a variety of senior positions in an efficient and competent way. During this time she taught, co-ordinated and created curriculum content for hundreds of courses and units,  teaching across sectors and programmes, including VCE and courses in the Associate Degree in Engineering. A single-handed achievement was in her role as Services Teaching Co-ordinator for SLAPS- which saw her co-ordinating across three schools at once!!

A key legacy of her work in SEH was the development of curriculum for the Associate Degree in Engineering- and the incorporation of technology into units in that degree. Nancy was seconded to School of Education from the School of Vocational Engineering, Health and Sciences in 2016 and has remained with us ever since.

Nancy has expertly managed the VCE programme within our school for a number of years. Her achievements are many. I asked people to highlight some changes that she has led and the list was quite considerable – I have selected a few:

  • streamlining a lot of our processes (how can we forget the weekly and monthly attendance reports?)
  • staffing our courses
  • moving us to blackboard and then canvas (how can we forget those endless reports  prior to blackboard?)
  • scanning SACs- to EOP
  • managing the move to B108 (not one lost item!!)
  • course guides online
  • managing our leave and PD
  • and many many more

And now Nancy will undertake  another exciting opportunity  as Curriculum and Learning Specialist at Monash College. Nancy will be very much missed – her steady hand at the helm, her attention to detail and her genuine care for students and staff are hallmarks of both her management style and her personality.Many, many students have passed through Nancy’s care- and gone on to undertake great things because of this care.
Like all teachers, Nancy will never again meet the many adults who owe much of their future to  the beginnings she provided for them  and her desire for them to leave RMIT better educated than when they arrived.

Nancy will officially be with us until Friday 21 June but I invite you all to join with me  for a farewell lunch on Thursday 20 June  – delivery 12.20pm. Please rsvp to Elaine Golding.

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