My Voice Counts 2019

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The RMIT staff survey will open on September 17 and close on September 30.

Staff surveys provide us with an opportunity to:

  • Measure employee engagement across RMIT
  • Get feedback on how staff feel about a range of topics like leadership, teamwork, inclusion, safety etc,

We can also compare our progress on some of these factors from previous years and where we stand compared to external benchmarks like the education sector or overall industry.

Those who were here in 2017 will recall that our results (summarised below and here) were very strong, with substantial positive change from 2015 on many dimensions.

We are using a new platform this year, Culture Amp, which will be simpler to use and provide better accessibility via mobile devices. The 2019 survey will be considerably shorter than the 2017 version.

Keep an eye out in your inbox for your opportunity to contribute.

For more information on the 2019 survey, click here.

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