MTP students return!

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Six of our MTP students once again joined with the RMIT Engineering and Science students to continue the Self-sufficiency and Sustainability in remote South Pacific islands (Fiji) project on the Yasawa Islands in Fiji over the last two weeks.

The MTP students worked alongside Engineering and Science undergraduate students gathering data on drinking water quality, waste management and survey of plastic litter on islands, testing solar desalination, and talking about sanitation alternatives.

This time the students were able to travel to Nacula and Naviti to exchange teaching resources and talk over strategies for working with the local teachers and their schoolchildren to better understand the health and science issues involved in safely collecting and using potable water. The pre-service teachers were also given insights into the difficulties of schooling in remote communities that are struggling to maintain potable water supplies in their schools. A few of our lucky students were even invited back to the teacher’s accommodation to “talk shop” over lunch!!

To date the Self-sufficiency and Sustainability in remote South Pacific islands (Fiji) project has sent 150 students to Fiji. Almost a million dollars has been paid by the Federal government to dat, with in-kind of up to $800k by a number of local Fijian industries which are supporting the project through transport, accommodation and research arrangements. The involvement of MTP students is part of a RMIT cross-school multidisciplinary project involving engineers and science staff and students.

Many of our MTP students over the last three years feature in a recent video made of the project:

Judging by the comments of the students who travelled in June/July, it was, once again, a transformative and ‘life changing’ learning experience for everyone involved

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